Never had my heart melted for an animated character like Gudetama had, as this unlikely hero travels across the silliest version of Japan, with a sibling chick pushing them for the ideal heartwarming adventure. And that is to meet their mommy.

Sitting through all ten episodes was a delight. A family friendly show, this Netflix series throws you into the world of eggs and yolks, with jobs like truck driving, mobsters, and the aspiring cooked foods wishing for the day they will be eaten. YES, as somber as the thought of dying is, this show celebrates the ideal death, because here there is a rightful death that brings eggs from chickens and fish and other to a dignified purpose. If you've ever had a bad existential crisis, the philosophy of dying well in this adorable story might give you food for thought.

We, as a society, tend to see death as a bad thing. We cry, we get drunk, and we mourn - some of us, for years! But Gudetama, with such nonchalant pessimism, seemed more than able to succeed in any challenge presented, but let go easily, due the deadline of his imminent expiration. This 3D animated egg inspires Prime Ministers to try harder in their job, and Journalists to believe in hope. It seemed that death would have left each episode in a somber note, but with the help of the chick sibling, Shakipiyo, the flow of optimism is never lost between characters, and their personal development.

Mixed between real actors and places, these cute animated heroes will have you cheer for Gudetama to escape the threshold of a spoiled life and bad end.